Consultation, Training and Programmes

We offer a range of services to schools, homes and settings.


If a setting is concerned about a child we can observe the child and make recommendations for support. Our recommendations are backed up with practical and user friendly strategies. We can offer opportunities for staff to observe us modelling strategies /support or model support within the home for parents/carers.

We also offer key training sessions that can give professionals and parents confidence and the opportunity to learn strategies and how to put the support into place effectively.

Recommendations can be communicated verbally, through either formal or informal reports or in an agreed way to suit the setting. Our feedback is seen as a widely accepted form of evidence for further assessments.


We are always striving to provide training that meets the need of our audience. New training courses are currently being  developed and we try to advertise these as widely as possible.

Our Current Menu includes:

  • A basic introduction to Autism for any setting or age group
  • ASD Understanding and managing pupils in all educational settings
  • Understanding & Implementing Visual Structure
  • ASD & Emotional Self Awareness
  • ASD & Behaviour
  • ASD & Anxiety – with programme
  • ASD & Anger – with programme
  • Sharing the ASD Diagnosis with a Young Person
  • Developing Play skills for young children – with programme
  • ASD, Sex & Relationships – with programme
  • Developing Social Skills in children and young adults
  • Using Social Scripts and Comic Conversations
  • ASD and Sensory Issues


Our current menu includes:

  • Anxiety Programme – all ages
  • Anger Management Programme – all ages
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour – all ages
  • Sharing to Diagnosis Programme – all ages
  • Exploring ASD Self-Awareness – what it means to me to be on the Autistic Spectrum – any age
  • Play Skills (groups up to 6 only) – ages 6-11
  • Sexuality Programme – over 12yrs only
  • Social and Emotional Self Awareness – all ages

Social Skills Programmes include:

  • Social Detective – ages 4-11
  • Superflex – ages 4-11
  • Stop, Think, Do – all ages
  • Social and Behavioural Mapping – ages 11+

Any programme or tailor made 1:1 work to meet the individual’s needs.

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